Moniek Smit Coffee Consulting is proud to present the Barista Challenge.


The Barista Challenge helps professional baristas to share their craft and to learn from others.

The challenge is easy accessible for every professional barista in Europe, including a chance to win a trip to the final at World of Coffee 2015.


Baristas take the challenge to serve a perfect coffee for every customer, every day.

Requests from customers are changing, leaving it up to baristas to find new ideas and recipes to find the perfect match for the coffee and the customer.

Baristas look for ways to introduce the wonderfull world of specialty coffee to their customers, step by step, showcasing coffee in every drink.


Espresso is an excellent plant based drink

The quest for great plant based recipes is in full swing, as a response to the growing demand for plant based alternatives. Although espresso is an excellent plant based drink, it is not a perfect drink for every customer.

Finding the perfect plant based coffee recipe that makes both the barista and the customer happy, that’s what the Barista Challenge is all about.


Barista Challenge 2015



The Barista Challenge is looking for exciting new recipes, coffees of the future.

Coffees of the future are additions to coffee menu classics and go beyond the cappuccino and soyaccino, to find the perfect match between the barista, the coffee and the customer.


Joining the Barista Challenge is easy and free

Every European professional barista can take the Barista Challenge, sharing their perfect plant based coffee of the future on

Five finalists will take their recipe to World of Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden. flight, stay and fun is generously provided by the supporters of the Barista Challenge.


See you in Gothenburg!



The Barista Challenge is organized by Moniek Smit Coffee Consulting, with support from Alpro, Brita and The European Coffee Trip.


Join the challenge now: